Impunity and International Rule of Law in Iraq

The war in Iraq ‘officially’ ended, at least they said so….but which are the consequences of waging illegal war and who will be responsible for one and half Iraqi deaths? This goes both to state responsibility, but as well as individual criminal responsibility. Would US as such and individuals be brought to trial for the heinous crimes committed in Iraq? The author of the text suggests the following: ‘Western governments and their leaders who have just as often, or more often, committed international crimes for which they have not been punished’. Therefore, its clear what will happen or not happen, adding the fact that US is not part of ICC Statute , the international court would not have jurisdiction. Remains individual countries to trigger the universal jurisdiction, but this is also unlikely due to various reasons.


Nuclear power generation capacity

Nuclear proliferation vs. nuclear power generation

An imminent threat from Iran only or the increase in the nuclear power generation  should be seen as danger as well?!.  ‘Fukushima’s’ all around the globe growing since Chernobyl, the highest percentage in EU with France leading (46 %). Should there be global concerns and reactions to nuclear reactors growth?


2011:through pictures

Quo vadimus – humanity?

Mainly, the Middle East was in the focus…Arab spring, fall of dictatorial regimes (spontaneous or induced), unrest’s, crisis, violence,so called ‘anti-capitalistic world revolution’ subsequently organized by western activists: man made and natural disasters..and etc.



Каде суууууммммммммм?! Кои се овие ликови? Види, овој кога се бричел утрово се засекол, па не ја исчистил засирената крв, женава не ги дочупала веѓите, дечково не си ја допеглал кошулата од брзање да стигне навреме на работа. Колите трубат, … Continue reading


Немост наспроти брборење…

Ти велев: те љубам, почесто одошто треба. Потоа, ти кажував дека: те љубам со цело тело, ум и душа. Ти велам  сега: ми остави празнина. А, ти, ти беше и остана – нем во призвукот на моите зборови кои тропкаат … Continue reading


Does situation in Egypt improved since the fall of Mubarak and military government take over?!

In article named ‘Hypocrisy of the international community regarding the situation in Egypt’ – published in Macedonian newspaper on 2nd May I warned that the military takeover would be similar to what was the Mubarak regime about. Notably I stated then: The balance which the international community attempts to strike between on one hand existence of already fallen regimes and little or no substantive change in the Egyptian society, and on the other a fear of power overtaking by Islamic radical regimes will come back as boomerang and shaken the whole situation in Middle East’.