We ought to crash the Mirrors!

Is not me, neither you,
It’s nobody
but still somebody
I am able to see my imperfections
through your reflection,
In the mirror
You stand next to.
Our god damn imperfections!
Those imperfections
are tiny pieces of broken glasses,
that submerge
into the mirror,
the whole final piece,
the whole picture
and image
of spectrum of possibilities,
and chances
nothing is predefined
nor coincidence.
We don’t learn,
We sink in ignorance,
unless mirror brakes in parts!
I hear the sounds of the
broken mirror
stumble on the ground
as a dissolved necklace
made of little stones.
The sound vanishes in the horizon…
Yet, the understanding remains…
It is superstitious bullshit
of unfortunate destiny
If mirror crashes.
We ought to crash the mirror!
All mirrors!
Yes, it is our responsibility
to destroy them
to terminate,
and wipe it out
the last particles,
only then we could recreate
our self-image
not your reflection,
even less my conception
of your reflection,
but the true image of oneself,
and this is what I can call true love,
opening our vulnerability
to the “other”,
that painful burning
feeling as true self of the possibilities…