Quo Vadis Humanity?!  – Terror, Violence and Schizophrenia

Yesterday the world was shocked. The trauma is today and will remain tomorrow, and after tomorrow and for long time after.

Terror and horror on the streets of the eternal “city of light”.


Media reported that more than one hundred forty people were killed cold bloodily, and same as that much injured.

But, wait a minute! Who are these hundred and forty people?

They had dreams, hopes, fears, passions, sorrows, jobs, hobbies, interests and goals?

Or, they are just numbers, statistic of casualties of the times we are living it? And, we definitely live in “dark times”. Protracted, induced and controlled terror, the manner the whole world operates.

Yesterday, one hundred and forty people with dreams and hopes died.

The day before yesterday in Beirut the cradle of civilization destroyed by the decades of civil war and violence, forty people with dreams and hopes died as well, because someone deemed as so. Same in Damascus, on a daily basis.

Today, yesterday, after yesterday, last week, the week before, last month, the month before, last year, the year before, the years before thousands of thousands of people with hopes and dreams died. Thousands of thousands of people with hopes and dreams for years and years in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, ex-Yugoslavia, Sudan, Rwanda and West Africa died, lost their houses, their jobs, their security and their dignity because someone deemed so.

That someone considers that the people’s hopes and dreams can be sacrificed with easiness, and may decide who lives and who dies.

The question is who is this “someone”? Has a name, last name, a face, is it human like or is a phantom? Is it singular or plural? Is it a state, terrorist, extremist, corporation or media? Who is this phantom with “God” or “Demon” like properties?

This  plurality of “someone”, perhaps cannot be precisely named and pinpointed, but definitely this “someone” has a strategy. The strategy is terror and fear, the strategy is terror and fear to the point of global “schizophrenia” expressed in the “global” matrix of the mainstream media and social media. Schizophrenia that does not allows questioning – “who are these people”, “who is this plurality of someone who decides who lives and who dies”, “why something is reported or not” “how is reported and portrayed” – because we need to constantly keep up with the information, applications, memos, quotes that are continuously being released to make as busy.

And tomorrow, new day, new information, facebook and twitter applications, memos, quotes until our capacity for thinking is completely overtaken by this global matrix of non-thinking, and it is in that setting that the “terror” can grow even stronger and powerful.