Turkey – eyes wide shut!

Four years ago I wrote an article in Macedonian published in the Macedonian daily newspaper “Dnevnik” with the same title, but instead Turkey my focus then was on Syria. In that time when rest of the world or Europe was in deep ego-euro-centric sleep, I wrote about the massive violations of human rights in Syria and consequences for the European continent especially for my native Macedonia, referring on the responsibility we all have towards our fellow-man sufferings. Two years later, the broader Europe and my native Macedonia were faced with choices that only confirmed my fears of Europe becoming extremely xenophobic and nationalistic, and especially portray the ineffectiveness of the international community and the system for collective security in enforcing and maintaining peace.

Four years later in Turkey the same scenario is ravaging. The comparison between Syria and Turkey is inevitable because of many similarities and links that these two closely related cases share. Even though initially would seem that Erdogan’s regime (relation to ISIS, being a NATO member) is positioned differently from Assad’s still there is no much difference in terms of how they operate in their autocratic ruler-ship involving violence, oppression and fear. A complete suppression of every “democratic” or “rational” segment’s on various levels: media, judiciary and academia and institution of total “darkness”.

The same Syrian scenario is about to ensue if not already happening in Turkey and the question that is tormenting me is – where is the international community? Where is NATO? Where is EU? And where is the UN? Aren’t they especially EU and UN concerned about “human rights” and the “values” they are protecting? The values that I am not completely certain ever exist or existed in the deeply politicized EU? The situation in Turkey is not an “internal matter” any more, and it cannot be internal matter with the ongoing numerous extrajudicial killings, illegal detentions and illegitimate restrictions and limitations on rights and freedoms. The announcement for the suspension of the European Convention of Human Rights because of the proclamation of “state of emergency” is illegal and illegitimate, and this is the segment that EU should pronounce and denounce as well since few years ago itself as sui-generis entity accessed to the European Convention on Human Rights. States by proclaiming “state of emergency” (including France) cannot automatically suspend whole Convention but should apply the criteria set out by Article 15 and the case law of the European Court for Human Rights, which sets checks and balances for the rights and freedoms not to be discretionary violated in these circumstances. The states might derogate but not completely suspend the Convention. This derogations must be proportional to the situation, and must not in any case affect the right to life (which they are before and after with the arbitrary and extrajudicial killings), the absolute prohibition on torture and no punishments without law i.e. non-retroactivity of laws.

It is obvious that EU is in abyss, but is it at least going to try to reinvent itself even if it’s needed to play the role of an “zombie”, and pronounce on the situation in Turkey and most importantly take up a proactive role? Or is going to remain with “eyes wide shut” to another Syrian scenario enrolling speedily and with no control, sweeping whole Europe up?


“How I can paint with words”


I’ve been meaning some time now to write you a letter. A long letter…I was making a scheme in my head what to write but probably none of that you will find in this particular letter. Yes! As with letters, the words might or might not have a meaning. Yet, still I will write it, I cannot beat the paradox of the meaningless of words especially while the ocean breeze is moving my senses. So, who cares about paradoxes or of what I have say or not say in this letter. Regardless, I m writing it since words swirl one after another incessantly like an old ship anchor chain and I cannot just stop, doesn’t feel right, because words are heavy yet meaningless.

I have to say I was quite careful not to be pathetic though, since letters might have overtone of a  melodrama, especially if they are love letters. However, still I decided that I will write you a letter, with words which have meaning and no meaning in the same time; a letter devoid of pathetics but with a slight tone of poetics.  Poetics I like cause I can pretend that I did not know I am smuggling bit of madness similar to drunken sweaty pirat out of whom rum is evaporating and spreading out  in the air under the burning sun while he is burping – a sequence that intents to give to this letter a bit realistic undertone.

You, you don’t have an address on which I can send this letter when I’ll finish it. Still, I am writing it knowingly that I have to leave the address – blank. I’m kind of positive that you will receive it somehow. Of course, you have a name but I am wondering whether I should leave you anonymous in order to keep the things under suspense or I should name you as a character of a comedy or melodrama. I don’t like tragedies so I m consciously avoiding name of a tragedy character. Apart you are not tragedy character although I could call you Frida, due to the scene with the bathtub you performed for me the other night. A completely banal scene captured in between aesthetics of your body and the bathtub.

If I were a painter I could paint it and would have been a bright replica of Kalho’s “What Water Gave Me”. You know there is distinctness in your character with that of Frida, since I see light in your appearance. It is in the stillness of your body that this light becomes more apparent. It could it be your infectious smile, while the sparkles in your eyes spread out through the ether capturing every atom possible, or the way you hold your head and move it sometimes completely unnoticed for a human eye while your neck vibrates in the rhythm, or the way you bite the angle of your lower lip while you are thinking, or the sound of the passing air while you are breathing, or maybe the scent of your breadth. Could be your melancholia as well, which softens your face by letting the wandering unsettling spirit to be seen. Or, could it be your eyes full of horizon that unveil other worlds, probing but yet gentle that sometimes speak of an earthy pain and fear.

Could be many other things seen and unseen and probably you’d wonder what I mean by that while you read this letter, if it reaches you somehow though. If it will, this letter will land on the window of your hopes. However, before you’ll get to the hope you will have to understand Who Am I that I am writing you this letter, because I am character as well.  Anonymous, but yet someone who knows you, thus I have a name and birthplace. Perhaps you will try to guess Who Am I, maybe you would like to meet me in person, or track me down even, or let your imagination wonder around. Everything of this is a possible option, but still you have to be aware that sometimes words don’t have meaning and it is in this meaningless that I can paint with words.