Лицемерството на меѓународната заедница кон Египет

Поврзаноста помеѓу последните случувања на Блискиот Исток и Северна Африка е очигледна, но сепак е прерано во овој момент да се даваат некои прогнози за целокупната регионална ситуација  Важно е да се напомене дека настаните во сите земји имаат слични … Continue reading


Funny justification by the Dutch authorities on banning burqa’s – in the name of fight against terrorism!  European ‘democracy’ in practice: ‘Deputy Prime Minister Maxime Verhagen denied that the ban was meant for religious clothing and noted that the ban will also include motorcycle helmets and balaclavas when they are worn in inappropriate locations….Verhagen said the purpose behind the ban is to stop people from being able to commit crimes and remain undetected by concealing their identity and cover their face’.


‘….Many recent conflicts — Rwanda, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, ex-Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, the Congo, the Caucasus, Libya, etc — emerged from failures to find viable alternatives to imperial regimes, after 1918, 1945 and 1989… exploration of the histories of empires, old and new, can expand our understanding of how the world came to be what it is, and the organisation of political power in the past, the present and even the future’….


Impunity and International Rule of Law in Iraq

The war in Iraq ‘officially’ ended, at least they said so….but which are the consequences of waging illegal war and who will be responsible for one and half Iraqi deaths? This goes both to state responsibility, but as well as individual criminal responsibility. Would US as such and individuals be brought to trial for the heinous crimes committed in Iraq? The author of the text suggests the following: ‘Western governments and their leaders who have just as often, or more often, committed international crimes for which they have not been punished’. Therefore, its clear what will happen or not happen, adding the fact that US is not part of ICC Statute , the international court would not have jurisdiction. Remains individual countries to trigger the universal jurisdiction, but this is also unlikely due to various reasons.